Elita Mens and Amateurs: 4-6. 6. 2021 

Veterans: 25-27. 6. 2021


Elita Mens (5+1): unlimited

Amateurs (4+1): category only for:

  • Slovakia: Players of clubs playing the Slovak Extraliga may not participate. Players of the 1st and lower Slovak League can enter in this category. (one exception for Extraleague is allowed)

  • Czech Republic: Players of national clubs may not participate. (one exception allowed)

    Interested parties from other countries will be dealt with individually.

  • Application deadline 3.5.2021!

  • There must be one adult in each team. Min. the player is 16 years old on the day of the tournament. Women can also start in individual teams. 

  • Veterans 25-27. 6. 2021  (5 + 1): 30+ (born in 1991 and above)

    Registered and unregistered floorball players. Exception for 1 player (born 1992) + Goalkeeper older than 18 years. Women, born 1996 and older

    Application deadline 31.6.2021!

Entry fee

  • Elite Men and Amateur: 150 € - pay by May 3, 2021!
  • Veterans 150 € - pay by 31.6.2021!

Pay to account Slovenská sporiteľňa - 5125171519 /0900

The variable symbol for payment can be found in the "teams" column. Write the team name in the note.

IBAN: SK66 0900 0000 0051 2517 1519  

If the team is canceled after 4.5.2020, the entry fee will not be refunded in full!

ID bracelet:

Each player must buy a tournament bracelet. It is not possible to enter the playing area without the bracelet. The owner of the bracelet will be able to claim various discounts and benefits during the tournament, which we will gradually disclose.

Price: 3 €

Evaluation of procedure:

A victory in a base group match is 3 points, a draw of 1 and a defeat of 0 points.

If two or more teams score the same number of points after group matches, the order is decided by:

- the number of points scored in each other's matches

- difference in score in the match
- total goals scored in matches
- Total score difference
- total goals scored
- los
The draw in the knockout matches follows:
- a series of 3 penalty raids
- series 1 of a raid (sudden death)


A potential protest must be delivered to the JURY or to the hall secretariat in a written form 15 minutes after the match at latest. Protest fee: 20-€. In case of refusing the protest the fee is not refunded. The verdict of the JURY is final and cannot be questioned.

Tournament Jury:

Milan Burdeľ

Michal Uhlík


  • Florbalový klub Tvrdošín o.z.
  • Mesto Tvrdošín
  • Centrum Voľného času Tvrdošín

Tournament playing system:

Teams are divided into basic groups, from which the teams advance to the playoffs according to the placement in the table. The ranking in the base group decides on the play-offs, which continues in the knock-out.


206/50002 × 15 min - matches in both categories are played for rough time. Since the knockout fights, the last 3 minutes have been played for pure time. The organizer reserves the right to change depending on the number of registered teams.

Due to the limited number of dressing rooms in the hall, dressing rooms will be used only as temporary. After changing the game before the match, it is necessary for the team to bring all the personal belongings to the court. The organizer is not liable for the loss of personal belongings throughout the tournament.


The organizer reserves the right to change the published schedule. In this case, all team leaders affected by the change will be informed.


The tournament will be played according to the rules of the International Floorball Federation (IFF) with the following exceptions: Time out is not allowed in basic group matches. In the category of amateurs will play 4 + 1 system.

Judges with a valid license only. Slovakia, Czech Republic

All tournament participants start at their own risk. In case of injury it is recommended to have an insurance card.

A player can only play for one team in one category during the tournament. In the event of any unauthorized player's start, the match will be 0: 5.


The maximum waiting time is 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes have elapsed, the team is contumed.


RC1: leads automatically to ban till the end of the actual match

RC2: leads to ban in the following match

RC3: leads to ban in the whole tournament

Prizes for the winner

The first four teams will be awarded and at the same time the best scorer, best goalie and the most productive player in the category will be declared. The prizes will be handed over immediately after the tournament is over.

Elite Men winners receive € 200 prize money. (condition see note below)

Amateur winners receive a € 300 cash prize (see note below for condition)

Note: The prize money for the winner will be paid only if he / she participates in the given category min. 10 teams / applies to all categories!